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Free BillPayer Works with You

SLFCU’s Free BillPayer Simplifies Your Paperwork and Bills

Instead of writing and sending checks or visiting a variety of websites to make online payments, you can do it all in one place with CU@home® Online. In many cases, you can even view your bills inside BillPayer. No matter how you like to pay your bills, SLFCU’s BillPayer can make it worry-free. Go to the BillPayer tab in CU@home to start.

Using free BillPayer you can:

  • Receive bills directly in CU@home
  • Schedule future bill payments & recurring payments
  • Track and review your payments & view or print copies of BillPayer Checks

Set up bills as they come in, and BillPayer takes care of making sure they’re paid on time.

Don’t worry about losing a bill in a stack of mail or missing a due date. You can set up a payment as soon as you receive a bill, and BillPayer will automatically send it to arrive by the due date. Just schedule your bill to pay, and it’s handled for you. Money will stay in your account until payment is sent.

Pay bills all at once.

If you prefer to pay all of your bills on the same date (for instance, the day you get paid), you can use BillPayer to select a payment date of your choice. Just use the calendar in BillPayer to choose the date you’d like.

Pay bills on CU@home Mobile.

You can schedule your bills from the CU@home Mobile app or mobile site. You can set up recurring and one-time payments, and view pending payments and bills that are due. You’ll even be able to view paid bills.

Set your bills to pay automatically.

Set up bills that are the same amount every month to be paid automatically – there’s no need to set up everything each month. If you need to adjust payment amounts, you can do it easily at any point before the bill is paid.

Have your bills delivered online.

You can set many of your bills to be sent automatically to BillPayer so you can check the amount due for different bills in CU@home instead of visiting many different sites.

Use Quicken® to pay bills.

You can access BillPayer within Quicken. Schedule any new bills you’ve received, run “One-Step Update,” and all of your bills will be paid for free through BillPayer and display in your Quicken register. You don’t even have to log in to CU@home. Start using BillPayer today to simplify your finances. Just log in to CU@home and select the BillPayer tab.


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