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Kids, Teens & Money

Fundamental Budgeting Strategies for Kids and Teens

When teaching finances to children, it can be difficult to point out the distinction between needs and wants, since many needs are handled by their parents.

Manage Money with Your Child

Children can be introduced to the concept of money at a young age. Whether it’s spending birthday money on a new toy or helping a parent at the grocery store, there are many opportunities.

How Much Should You Pay for an Allowance?

My 10-year-old earns $5 a week for taking care of regular tasks and for helping without complaint, ideally, with chores like yard work and washing the car.

Money Management Strategies for Teens

Managing money wisely isn’t just a concern for adults – teenagers with jobs receive paychecks, and many high school graduates receive monetary gifts.

How Can I Start Building Credit?

Building credit is a common concern for teens and young adults. You need a good credit history in order to get an auto loan or credit card, and sometimes even items like phone plans.

Using Allowance as a Financial Tool

Allowances can have an impact by teaching basic financial knowledge and encouraging financial responsibility. Here are some common approaches that some families take towards allowances.

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