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Skip-a-Payment on Select Loans

Skipping a loan payment can be helpful when unplanned expenses pop up or during high spending months, like the holidays. For a small fee, you can skip a loan payment on select loans and resume your regularly scheduled payments thereafter.

Your payment frequency determines how many payments you will skip with a single Skip-a-Payment request and service fee.

  • A monthly schedule will skip a single payment.
  • A biweekly* or semimonthly schedule will skip two payments.
  • A weekly schedule will skip four payments.*

SLFCU allows members in good standing to skip eligible loan payments** twice within a rolling 12 months. There is a $25 service charge per skip-a-payment taken from your savings or checking account, and interest will continue to accrue on your loan. The skip-a-payment benefit is available for auto loans, signature loans and CreditLines, and savings-secured loans.

Requests to skip a monthly payment can be made by submitting the form below or at any branch and must be received no later than the payment due date.

*NOTE: since several months have five weeks, please be prepared to make your next loan payment on the fifth week.

**Credit cards, mortgages, Home Equity CreditLines, and single-pay loans are not eligible for skip-a-payment nor are members who already have a loan extension or are enrolled in SLFCU’s Fresh Start Repayment Plan.



* Required Fields

Yes, I'd like to skip-a-payment on my SLFCU loan(s). I understand that there is a $25 service charge for each approved skip-a-payment and interest will continue to accrue. I further understand that if my payment frequency is biweekly or weekly, and my requested skip-a-payment month has five weeks, I will be responsible for making a regular payment on that fifth week. I agree to continue making payments until my loan is paid in full. I understand requests must be received by the payment due date.

Withdraw the $25 fee from my:
The product ID (previously type & suffix) is the four-digit number after the dash in your account number.

Loans to Skip a Payment On

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