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Why Your Card May be Declined2/27/2014

It’s an unfortunate fact that card fraud is becoming increasingly common. If your debit card or SLFCU credit card is used fraudulently, it can be costly for both you and SLFCU – in terms of time, energy, and money – to resolve fraud claims.

SLFCU works with a card fraud detection system to protect your assets. A fraud notification may be triggered on your account if you use the card outside your normal patterns or if you attempt to use your card at a high-risk merchant (someplace fraud has already been identified).


Fraud alerts are not always the cause of a failed transaction.

Run the card again. If the terminal is dirty, your card information may not have swiped properly. If your card information was entered manually, perhaps the retailer keyed in the wrong card number, expiration date, or security number.

Ensure the funds are available by checking online banking.

Call the customer service number on the back of your card. The service representative can tell you if your card stopped working because you hit your limit or because fraud is suspected.


Call SLFCU at 505.293.0500 or 800.947.5328 to let us know where you’ll be, the dates of your trip, and a cell phone number where you can be reached. We’ll make a note on your account but continue to monitor your card for suspicious activity.

It’s possible that your card will be declined temporarily as a fraud analyst checks your activity against the notation in your file, and that the card will work again the next time you use it. However, your card may be blocked until the fraud specialist is able to contact you about your transactions.

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