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Student Loan Consolidation

SLFCU offers loan consolidation to help save you money on student loan payments once you’ve completed school. Combine multiple loans for one simple monthly payment. Or refinance your federal or private loan from somewhere else to get our great rates and service.


Consolidation is available for private student loans and government loans. You can view the list of eligible schools from within the application. Rates and approval are based on credit history; applying with a cosigner can increase your likelihood of approval and may result in a lower loan rate.

Minimum amount to consolidate: $7,500

Maximum amount: Undergraduate loans - $100,000; Combined undergraduate and graduate - $150,000


The repayment period for consolidated loans is up to 15 years. SLFCU offers two repayment options:

  1. Full principal and interest payments for the duration of the loan
  2. Interest-only payments for up to four years, followed by 11 years of full principal and interest payments

You may prepay the loan partially or in full with no prepayment penalties. Cosigners are eligible to be released from the loan once the borrower is in full repayment status and has made 24 consecutive on-time payments. You can get a 0.25% rate reduction, subject to the floor rate, by making automated electronic payments. Certain potential benefits of federal student loans may be forgone by refinancing those loans with a private student loan consolidation. Please review the terms of your federal loan(s) to determine if consolidation is right for you.

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Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation
As low as 5.00% APR
APR = Annual Percentage Rate
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