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Teen Article: The Bro Business12/26/2017

By Ethan Wente, SLFCU Teen Member

Pictured: Ethan Wente, sitting on the new drifter, and his Bro Business coworkers

Pictured: Ethan Wente, sitting on the new drifter, and his Bro Business coworkersThis past summer my friends and I started a neighborhood yard business. The four of us called it the Bro Business.

We made about 70 brochures to pass out. We went to Staples to copy our original brochure, spending around $15 of our own money. Then we went around the neighborhood asking our neighbors if we could do work for them to raise money for our goal. Our goal that we were saving up for was a speed drifter that we could ride. A speed drifter is similar to a mini go-cart. We needed to save around $240 to purchase the drifter.

Throughout the summer we invested time in tasks such as walking dogs, washing cars, mowing lawns, and pulling weeds. Sometimes we put aside free time to do our business. This meant we had a little less free time to spend doing fun things over the summer. There were times when our business partners went out of town. Those in town had to work even harder.

Sometimes we were afraid we wouldn’t reach our goal, and we thought about spending money on other things. However, we helped each other stay with it and save our money. It was also fun working together with my friends to achieve this goal and meet new neighbors.

We spent over three hours of our time one day pulling weeds and an hour washing one person’s two cars. We were hot and tired, but felt good about how we earned the money.

We did this the entire summer and it finally paid off because in the last three weeks of summer we achieved our goal! We learned a lot about working hard, saving money, and running a business. We plan to open up Bro Business again next summer to earn another drifter. 

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