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Tips for Using SLFCU Automated Phone Banking


SLFCU’s automated phone banking system gives members 24/7 access to their accounts. It is designed to provide options based on your specific accounts, allowing you to call and check your account balance or transaction history, make transfers or loan payments, and more.

You will have the following options when you first access the system:

  • Say “access account” or press 1.
  • Say “lost card” or press 2.
  • Say “merchant funds verification” or press 3.
  • Say “more options” or press 4.
  • Say “representative” or press 0.

If you want information specific to your accounts, including balance information or to transfer funds between your accounts, select option 1 or say “access account.” The options you hear will be unique to you and are based on the products and services you have with SLFCU.


If you used automated phone banking prior to our upgrade in November 2018 but have not yet logged in to your accounts in the new system, you will need to speak with a representative during regular SLFCU business hours and obtain a temporary PIN prior to using the new system. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to change the temporary PIN to a number of your choosing. If you have never used SLFCU’s automated phone banking system and would like to enroll, call 505.293.0500 or 800.947.5328 to speak with a representative.


Speech recognition allows you to say your desired action instead of selecting menu options using your phone’s keypad. However, if the speech recognition system is having trouble understanding you or is hearing background noise, you can place your phone on mute and use the keypad commands instead.


If you are calling only to speak with an SLFCU representative, you can press 0 on your phone’s keypad as soon as the system answers. If you prefer speech recognition, you must listen to the greeting first and then be transferred to the Main Menu before saying “representative.” The system will say, “Main Menu.”


When entering an account or amount number into the system, you may press # to signify that you have finished entering digits.


When listening to your transaction history, you can press # to move forward or * to move backward in the history playback.

Learn more about SLFCU’s automated phone banking system. To enroll, call 505.293.0500 or 800.947.5328 and speak with a representative. 

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