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Direct Deposits and Automatic Withdrawals

Automatic payment and withdrawal options on SLFCU accounts can include direct deposit of payroll funds or social security, tax refunds, utility bill payments, membership dues, and more. It’s important that the account numbers you use for these services are in a specific format, so funds are deposited to or withdrawn from the correct account. To set up a direct deposit or an automatic withdrawal from any of your SLFCU accounts, you will need the following information:

Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union's routing number: 307083911

Your automatic withdrawal and direct deposit account number: It is important to use the automatic withdrawal and direct deposit account number so your deposit or payment is successful.

How to find the correct account number in online banking: In online banking, select the Accounts widget and click on the account for which you'd like to set up the automatic withdrawal or direct deposit. Then select the Account Details tab and look for the "Automatic Withdrawal & Direct Deposit Acct Number". You may also obtain this information by calling us or stopping by any branch.

How to find the correct account number on your checks: Use the number printed on the bottom of your checks as shown in the image below. The autimatic withdrawal and direct deposit account number is in the red box on the right side of the check. (The last number string – 01026 in the image below– is the number of that individual paper check and should not be used. SLFCU's routing number is in the red box on the left side of the check.)

SLFCU direct deposit and automatic withdrawals

To select between a savings or checking account: The 10-digit account number for your savings and checking accounts may be the same. When setting up a deposit or withdrawal with a company or agency, they will ask you to indicate if the account is savings or checking. Indicate the account type you would like the deposit or withdrawal to/from. If no account type has been indicated, your deposit or withdrawal will default to your checking account. Automatic bill payments must originate from a checking account.

For tax refunds:

  • Refunds from joint returns must be deposited into an account that is in the primary taxpayer’s name. The primary taxpayer is the person listed first on your IRS 1040 form.
  • SLFCU can only deposit tax refunds into an account on which the taxpayer is listed as a primary or joint owner. Another person’s refund cannot be deposited to your account unless he or she is also an owner.
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