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Online Banking Updates

Recent Updates to Online Banking for Full and Mobile Devices

August 2019

  • You may now nickname your credit card accounts.
  • In the Transfers widget, when a savings account is selected as the from account, you can now see the number of unsigned withdrawals remaining available from that account for the month.    
  • You now have the ability to select how they receive alerts when an external account transfer is cancelled, blocked, or is successful. To set your preferences for this function, go to Settings>Notifications.
  • We’ve also made a number of miscellaneous bug fixes and service enhancements.

July 2019

  • Your Loan Amount Due and Loan Payment Due Date in online banking will now reflect the amount due to bring your loan current on the next upcoming payment due date.
  • An error preventing members from adding their email address to the Contact section within mobile banking has been resolved.
  • Business banking members will now be able to view recurring ACH information in the ACH Activity Report.
  • When transferring money to or from an external account, members will now receive an alert notifying them of the activity.
  • We’ve also implemented a variety of stability and accessibility enhancements, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes.

Apple App Update

  • The app will no longer be supported for members using iOS 10. 
  • The app will now timeout on any screen after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Transaction memos will now be limited to 40 characters.
  • Account details in the Accounts widget will no longer stop after one line of text; account details will now display up to a maximum of three lines.
  • We’ve also implemented a variety of stability and accessibility enhancements, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes.

May 2019

  • The number of transactions automatically displayed in the Accounts widget increased to 50.  

Apple App Update

  • Members can now turn on or off Face ID or Touch ID by accessing the Settings screen and selecting Touch ID/Face ID/Passcode.
  • The Snapshot feature is now enabled for users with a Series 2 or newer Apple Watch.
  • We’ve also implemented a variety of stability and accessibility enhancements as well as miscellaneous bug fixes.

April 2019

  • Members can now deposit checks to any account associated with their Social Security number using the Deposit Checks widget. 

March 2019

  • Previous year’s dividends, annual percentage yield, and available dividends for certificates are now visible in the Account Details tab.
  • Desktop and iOS app users can now add, view, edit, or remove memos on transactions. This feature will be available for the Android app in a future app update.
  • As a security enhancement, Social Security Numbers were removed from the transaction description for ACH transactions.
  • Declined credit card transactions now display descriptions stating the transactions were declined and include reason codes.
  • Business account members who use the Business ACH widget via a computer now have access to enhanced report features. Users can print or export CSV or PDF files from the Scheduled, Scheduled Detail, History, and History Detail sections of the widget.
  • Transaction descriptions for credit card payments and cash advances now include information entered by the user into the memo field.
  • We’ve also implemented a variety of stability and accessibility enhancements as well as miscellaneous bug fixes.

February 2019

Apple App Update

  • You can now opt in to use your device’s passcode or password to access your online banking account instead of Touch ID or Face ID, or if your device does not support Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Snapshot has been removed on iPads due to low usage of this feature.
  • We’ve also implemented a variety of stability and accessibility enhancements, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Business accounts can now be accessed through the same online banking system as personal accounts.
  • Business members will now access bill payments through the online banking system.
  • All personal accounts categorized as “additional primary” as well as custodial accounts and accounts established for clubs or organizations will be accessed with a single online banking login. Learn more.
  • Managing your eStatement and eNotice preferences has moved to the eDocuments widget.
  • If you have an SLFCU credit card, you can view and manage credit card eStatements and eStatement preferences, dispute transactions, and more using the Manage Credit Cards widget.
  • To view your correct account number format for setting up automatic withdrawals and direct deposits, select the Accounts widget, choose an account, and select the Account Details tab. Use the number next to "Auto WD & Direct Deposit #".


Apple App Update
This update resolves a few unexpected issues that are occurring for members who have updated to iOS 12. Specifically, we’ve fixed an issue where Snapshot was not loading as well as a bug that caused members to be logged out if they navigated away from the app. We also resolved a number of bugs that were impacting logging in, multi-factor authentication, and members using Touch ID or Face ID.


Security Alert Delivery Options: Desktop, Mobile Apps, Mobile Web
You can now choose to have security alerts delivered by text message or push notification instead of email.

Pending Credit Card Transactions: Desktop, Mobile Apps, Mobile Web
Resolved an issue that prevented pending credit card transactions from clearing after they were posted.

Searching and Filtering Issues: Desktop , Mobile Web
Fixed an issue that prevented some transactions from displaying when you search or filter by date, transaction type, check number, etc. Members no longer have to note amounts with a negative sign when searching for debit transactions.

JULY 2018

Improved Usability: Desktop Banking

Improvements have been made to the user interface in a variety of widgets. Most noticeably, the Transfers widget has been made easier to use in the Quick, Classic, Scheduled, and History tabs.

JUNE 2018

Snapshot (Formerly Balance Peek): Mobile App

The Balance Peek functionality has been renamed Snapshot. In the Apple app, balances and transactions can be viewed through this optional functionality. Transaction information will be added to the Android app in a later update.

Login Enhancements: Apple App

Touch ID® and Face ID® authentication has been enhanced for easier setup and faster log in.

MAY 2018

Additional Account Details: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

Additional account details are being displayed when relevant.

Credit Card Payments – Delinquent and Overlimit Cards: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

The issue that was preventing members from making an online payment to a credit card that is over the limit or over the limit and delinquent has been fixed. Now you may make these payments online, and your available credit will be updated immediately. We are still working on the issue with making online payments to delinquent cards.

Message Icon: Mobile App

We have fixed the issue that caused the message icon on the dashboard to indicate you had a message when you did not.

APRIL 2018

Check Numbers: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

Check numbers for checks cleared on or after April 18, 2018 now appear in the transaction description.

Unsigned Withdrawals: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

The number of unsigned withdrawals from your savings or money market account is now displayed in the Account Details tab.

Transaction History: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

Debits are now indicated with a negative sign.

Transaction History Colors: Mobile App

Credits in the mobile app display in green text, and debits display in black.

Downloading Transactions as a CSV File: Desktop Banking

Debits and credits are listed in separate columns, and debits are indicated with a negative sign.

Loan Payment Totals: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

The loan payment transaction detail now lists interest payment amounts and total payment amounts.

Linked External Accounts: Desktop Banking, Mobile App

If you deleted an account you had previously linked, you are able to set up the link again.

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