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Avoid Checking Account "Oops" Situations on 3/1/2017

SLFCU can help you set up your checking account to avoid Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees, returned checks, and declined cards. Accidents, emergencies, and even the occasional “oops” moment can happen to all of us. Reduce your worry about your checking account by setting up Overdraft Protection and Privilege Pay.


You can designate additional SLFCU accounts, such as your savings account and CreditLine, to act as Overdraft Protection for your checking account. This means that if a transaction would cause your checking account to go negative, SLFCU will automatically transfer money from the account you specify to cover the transaction. There is no fee for these automatic overdraft transfers, and you can set up the order in which you’d like transfers to occur. For instance, you can specify your 00-01 savings account as your first Overdraft Protection account and use your CreditLine as additional backup, in case there’s also not enough money in your savings account.


Privilege Pay is a courtesy service that may allow overdrafts of your checking account for certain transactions. This means even if you don’t have money available in your checking account, SLFCU may still authorize and pay automatic bill payments and other transactions that result in overdrafts to your account.1 Privilege Pay may even cover overdrafts of everyday debit card transactions (excluding ATM withdrawals) if you opt for this coverage.

When you take advantage of Privilege Pay, you will be assessed an NSF fee for each overdraft. SLFCU’s NSF fee is $25; it is only charged if the account is negative more than $25, and we will not charge more than six NSF fees per account per day.

To learn more about Overdraft Protection and Privilege Pay, or to review your Privilege Pay coverage, call 800.947.5328 or 505.293.0500, or visit any SLFCU branch.

1SLFCU pays overdrafts using Privilege Pay at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of overdraft transaction. Limits on Privilege Pay amounts apply.
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