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SLFCU Business Member Highlight: Eagle Rock Contracting


The Sweet Sound of Success

(Left to right): Arantha Salas, Andrew Salas, and Lisa Salas.SETTING THE STAGE

Lisa Salas and her husband Donald Salas specialize in installing acoustical ceilings and wall panels for commercial clients – a niche market they entered in 1999. Donald started in the construction industry right after high school, and he noticed the acoustical ceiling guys, in particular, Lisa says. “In the trade, they are known as prima donnas because it seems like it’s not such hard work – but it actually is. You need to know how to lay materials exactly straight, square and plumb.” After watching them work, Donald decided that’s what he wanted to do, too – and as Lisa puts it, “it just worked out.”

Eagle Rock Contracting came to life from there – with humble beginnings. Lisa worked from their home on Eagle Rock Road (the company’s namesake) for many years before moving into a traditional office. Now with three warehouses and a steady roster of projects, Lisa feels fortunate for the continued success of the business.


Offices, schools, restaurants – almost every kind of building has an acoustical ceiling. Characterized by their grid layout, acoustical ceilings play an important role in creating a workable environment.

“Back in the day, most buildings had tiny offices. Now, many businesses have an open layout, which means they have to overcome working in noisy surroundings,” Lisa says. “It’s beautiful architecturally, but those kinds of floor plans can get a little rough, acoustically.” In those situations, they will help problem-solve, so as to not lose the aesthetics while still enhancing the day-to-day experience.  

The talent of Eagle Rock Contracting can be seen around Albuquerque – you just have to know where to look. The Albuquerque Convention Center sports their work, with walls wrapped in sound panels decorated with beautiful pictures. More of their work can be found in schools, office buildings, and even at the Albuquerque International Sunport, where Donald installed the original wood ceilings.


As any small business owner knows, changing banks can be difficult. But for Lisa, the decision to bring her business accounts to SLFCU was easy. “I knew I liked the credit union on the personal side, and I finally made the jump and moved our business accounts there,” she says. “I am grateful because SLFCU has customer service people that I can call directly. For me, it’s the premium credit union.”

Although the acoustical ceiling industry can be hard to break into, Lisa is confident the business will carry on into the future. Donald is retired, and their son, Andrew Salas has taken over running the business side-by-side with his wife, Arantha. In addition to the family members that work at Eagle Rock Contracting, they have a crew who not only take pride in their trade, but also enjoy their work. This expertise is what Lisa ultimately believes sets small businesses apart. “That’s the key. If you really know your trade and go out and do it well, that’s the value you bring to clients.”

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