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Beware of Online Job Posting Scams


Navigating the online world of job postings can be stressful. Not only are you trying to find a job that meets your needs, but you’re also having to decipher which posts are legitimate and worth responding to, and which could be scams.

Scammers often target job seekers with promises of work flexibility and high pay – but they come at a cost. They create job postings on popular job search sites that list enticing benefits to lure people into applying and handing over their personal information. Some of these “benefits” could be 100% remote work, an unusually high salary that doesn’t correspond with the job title, or even the promise of paying for a new computer or other equipment for you to use for remote work once hired.

The latter leads to a popular scam people often fall victim to, where the so-called “employer” mails the job seeker a check for thousands of dollars for them to purchase a computer and other work essentials. What the job seeker doesn’t know is that this check is fake, so they’ll deposit it into their account thinking they will soon have the money to purchase these items.

Once the scammer knows the job seeker is no longer in possession of the check, they will tell them that they already ordered the equipment for them and will request they send the money back via Venmo, PayPal, or some other money transferring service. The job seeker often complies; however, they will quickly realize their mistake once the original check bounces and they are left with a hefty debt.

This scam can be costly and could affect your credit in the long run. If you don’t already have the money in your accounts to cover a large sum, you’re at risk of overdrawing your account, which could negatively impact your credit score if you are unable to pay back the debt.


  • If the job posting seems too good to be true, it likely is. Ask yourself: Does the salary they’re offering fall in line with the average salary for that specific job title in your area? Does it make sense for this type of job to be fully remote?
  • Do your research. You can look up the company on the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker to see if they have been tied to previously reported scams.
  • Don’t give out personal information. A company shouldn’t be asking for your bank account information or any login credentials. Additionally, if they are requesting your Social Security Number or a copy of your license early in the application process, that should be a cause for concern.

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