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special promotion 2.99 percent apr on balance transfers through august 2024 with woman smiling at her credit cards

Transfer Your High-Interest Credit Card Balances and Save 



If you're ready to pay down debt from another card, now's the time to consolidate and transfer high-interest credit card balances to a new SLFCU credit card. You'll get a great low rate and NO balance transfer fee. Hurry...this special offer ends on March 31, 2024!

Move balances to a new SLFCU card and get a 2.99% introductory APR1 on the transferred balance through your March 2025 billing cycle. Following the introductory period, your APR on balance transfers will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. 

Learn about SLFCU's credit card offerings and current rates.

Here are four ways you can take advantage of this offer:


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Balance Transfer Transactions1

2.99% introductory APR through March 2025 billing statement cycle. After your March 2025 billing statement cycle, you will be charged the standard APR for balance transfers. As of October 1, 2023, this is 14.25% to 16.75%  for SLFCU Visa Platinum Value cards, 16.50% to 18.00% for SLFCU Visa Platinum Rebate cards, and 17.00% to 18.00% for SLFCU Visa Signature cards. APRs will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. 

Use by Date

You must complete the balance transfer by March 31, 2024 for the introductory APR to apply. If you initiate a balance transfer after that date, we may still process it but you will not receive the introductory APR. Instead, the standard APR for balance transfers will apply.


No fee for balance transfers.

Paying Interest

We will begin charging interest on the balance transfer(s) on the transaction date.

Important information regarding this offer: 

1APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory APR is valid only for balance transfers from other credit card companies, financial institutions, or department store credit cards. You cannot transfer balances for the purpose of paying off other accounts issued by SLFCU. You should not initiate a balance transfer in the amount of any disputed purchase or charge, as you may lose your rights to dispute that purchase or charge. You must continue to make your required monthly payments to the issuer/merchant until you receive a statement from the issuer/merchant reflecting the balance transfer payment. SLFCU will not be responsible for any finance charges or late fees you incur on your other account as a result of a balance transfer request. We will not close your other accounts, even if you transfer the entire balance - please contact other creditors directly. Balance transfer requests may not exceed your available credit at the time we receive your request. Your accounts at SLFCU must be in good standing at the time the balance transfer offer is processed. Cash-back rebates are not earned on balance transfers. Any balance transfers processed after the introductory period will incur finance charges at the standard Balance Transfer rate. The introductory APR on balance transfers will remain in effect through your March 2025 credit card statement cycle. See pricing and terms at and visit for complete credit card disclosures.

*All new applications are subject to terms, conditions and credit approval. All information is current as of January 2024 and is subject to change. Special offer will expire on March 31, 2024. Offer available to new SLFCU credit card accounts opened on or after January 15, 2024.

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