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SLFCU’s Livermore Downtown Branch will open at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 25. Online and mobile banking will remain available.

SLFCU is here for members affected by the wildfires and evacuations in the Ruidoso area. If you are impacted, click here to learn about support options.

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Achieve Your Savings Goals with SLFCU


SLFCU members can create savings goals in online banking. Goals can be created for different categories including buying a home, planning a wedding, making charitable donations, or installing a swimming pool. With so many options, what are SLFCU members saving for?

Emergency Savings

It’s important to be prepared for life’s unexpected expenses. Most financial experts advise having an amount equal to six months of your monthly expenses in an emergency savings account.

Trip or Vacation

Dreaming of relaxing on a beach, exploring Europe, or visiting family? Creating a savings goal for your vacation is a great first step in turning those dreams into reality. Using the savings goals widget you can also customize any goal with a meaningful name or photo to give yourself motivation for consistent contributions to your goal.

Auto Purchase

If your goal is to save a down payment for a new car or to purchase your next car in full, you are in good company. This is a popular savings goal among SLFCU members.

Home Purchase

Buying a home takes planning, research, and preparation. Having money saved for a down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses is helpful when you’re ready to buy a home.

Gifts and Shopping

Setting money aside for items like new shoes or clothing can help keep your finances on track. Creating a shopping savings goal can also help you prepare for the holiday season and make gift buying more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to create your own savings goals and begin progress toward achieving them, log in to online banking from a computer, laptop, or tablet and click on the savings goals widget. You only need to know the amount you’d like to save and the date you’d like to reach your goal. The online banking system will tell you how much you need to save each month and will also track your progress. Once your goal is created, you will be able to view it in online banking and the mobile app.

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